EliteMacTechs.com EliteMacTechs is my longest running Mac repair shop. We opened in January of 2012, and now, over 9 years later, we continue to provide quality Mac repair services.


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HippieTechs.com We took our time getting from Los Angeles to Bellingham WA in 2015… 3 months actually. Most of that time was spent living out of a travel trailer and exploring the CA, OR, and WA coast. My wife and I were discussing what kind of shop I should open when we arrived in WA, … Read more


MacScreenRepair.com I built the initial version of this website while in jury duty in Los Angeles. As anybody knows that has served in jury duty in Los Angeles, the wait times are rather incredible. The first day I waited 4+ hours before my name was called, then a day later I was selected, then every … Read more