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I built the initial version of this website while in jury duty in Los Angeles. As anybody knows that has served in jury duty in Los Angeles, the wait times are rather incredible. The first day I waited 4+ hours before my name was called, then a day later I was selected, then every day after that for 4 weeks I would wait an hour before they would seat the jurors, an hour and a half for lunch, and another ridiculous amount of 15-20 minute breaks. But something good did come out of it! The framework for

Mail-in Mac Repair and Data Recovery is a website dedicated to offering affordable Mac repair (particularly screen repair), as well as data recovery, liquid damage repair, and more… all nationwide.┬áLearn more at Mac Screen Repair

SEO Heavy

There are a couple of big players in the Mac mail-in repair business. In order to get my site found by clients, it was important to focus on building the site for search engines.